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SOVA Water Polo Spectator Code of Conduct

South Valley Water Polo Club is committed to a culture that promotes developing our student-athletes to display the highest character with confidence, dignity, empathy, and compassion. We strive to teach our student-athletes to have respect for others, respect for the game, and respect for themselves.  The players represent our club by displaying skilled and knowledgeable play while engaging in competition with honorable behavior and sportsmanship.

To support the character development of our student-athletes, our coaches and parents are held to the highest standard to always model desired behaviors including at practices and competitions.  How we behave as adults has a significant impact on the positive character development of our student-athletes. Our coaches, players, and parents are expected to maintain the standards set forth.

Please see the SOVA Spectator Code of Conduct below:

1.      Be respectful to referees.

Don’t make the calls for the referees or tell them the calls to make. You can comment to one another, but DO NOT direct comments at the referees. Be respectful. When referees feel disrespected it may bias their view of the game and our athletes. Always help build a positive perception of the SOVA program with the officials.

2.      Be respectful to the opponents’ coaches and players

Never make negative comments to the opposing teams’ players and coaches. If you see something of concern let the SOVA coach know, and the coach will determine the right course of action. It is never ok to be negative or verbally unsupportive to the other team's coaches or student-athletes. Building positive relationships with other clubs creates opportunities for joint practices and scrimmages that increases player experience without significant cost.

3.      Be respectful to the opponents' spectators

Our behavior reflects on our athletes as players for SOVA.  Treat opposing spectators with respect and kindness.  Remember they are there to support their student athletes as well. Building relationships with the parents and families from other clubs increases our access to information and opportunities.

4.      Be respectful to ALL SOVA players who are competing

Restrict comments to positive encouragement and congratulations. The Coaches will handle any player critiques and adjustments.  Yelling at players from the stands is unnecessary and does not reflect positively on the club. SOVA coaches are well capable of instructing the players to follow their directions. Our players work very hard at practice and in games. It is important that tournaments and games create positive experiences and memories for our athletes. Our common goal is to support and encourage.

5.      Be respectful to SOVA coaches

Criticism of coaches and their coaching is to be addressed to the Club Director. Several factors and considerations determine the coaches’ actions during a game. Players should not be distracted by spectator coaching input yelled from the stands.  There should not be discussions about the SOVA Coaches and how they coach the game among the spectators. Keep the environment positive as you model character and integrity. SOVA administration has an open-door policy and supports transparency in all cases where privacy can remain protected.

6.   Respect other SOVA parents and family members. 

SOVA is a family. We are all here sharing a common purpose to help mentor and support the growth of our student athletes.

7.      Respect the sport

Water polo is a complex sport that requires exceptional physical conditioning, composite physical dexterity, explosiveness, and endurance. It is also intellectually demanding.  Our student-athletes who play water polo have chosen a sport that has demands that can be overwhelming. That core adversity is why water polo players develop such uniquely high character. Please honor the sport and the players by focusing on maintaining a positive and supportive environment.



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