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South Valley Water Polo Advisory Council

SOVA (South Valley Water Polo) is pleased and honored to anounce our SOVA Advisory Council. We recognize that the long term success of SOVA in realizing our goal of an increasingly competitive water polo community requires our active participation in identifying members of our community that support and share a common vision.

SOVA is proud to introduce our Advisiory Council members;

Visalia City Councilman Greg Collins 2 New Advisory Board Members

Greg is well known in our community as a successful businessman, former Mayor, perennial city council member, former coach, former water polo player and master's swimmer.

Learn about Greg's business

Learn about Councilman Greg Collins

SOVA is preparing to introdue two new Advisory Board Members. Stand by for the announcemnent in February 2019.

Community Swim Complex - Organizing Support

SOVA's non-profit purpose of promoting amatuer aquatic sports and specificaly water polo includes working with community public and private partners to increase opportunities for youth participation. It is also an organizational purpose to specifically increase access and participation for new players from social circumstances that have been impediments to their participation.

Working together with Councilman Collins, SOVA has agreed to take the lead in communicating to, and organizing the local aquatics community into a unified voice of active support for a new Community Swim Complex in Visalia. Over the years Councilman Collins has worked specifically on the design and implementation of a significant community swim complex in Visalia. Much has already been accomplished to include the engagement of consultants, identification of currently owned City land as acceptable building sites and an administrative operational plan by the City.

Councilman Collins has indicated the planned complex will include a 50 Meter pool, a 25 Meter shallow pool and a recreational pool. The beneifts to our local aquatics community is obvious. More pool facility increases the number of local youth who can now participate in swiming and water polo and start participating at a younger age. Increased aquatic facilities will also provide the community a resource for triathaletes, senior fitness and water safety/first aid training.

Significantly, an aquatics center as proposed will provide a facility that can host National, Statewide and Regional meets and tournaments which brings increased revenue to our local business for food and lodgings.

Councilman Collins is putting the aquatics center project in front of the council at their meeting on January 27th, 2017. As partners with Councilman Collins in actively supporting the project, SOVA is organizing with local swim teams to encourage your participation in supporting the aquatics center project to be approved by the city council. We are encourgaing parents of SOVA players and parents of swim team members to be available this winter and spring to attend a council meeting en masse to demonstrate significant community support for the project.

If you are an aquatics coach, parent or board member of an aquatics team, please contact us to determine how you can support and participate.

Michael Yenigues


SOVA Advisory Council

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